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As a member, you will be added to our monthly CVA Newsletter.  The newsletter will provide the latest in industry specific trends, tools, and resources, as well as other pertinent info needed as a CVA Member.  It will also include links to blog posts, recipes, and fun, inspirational messages to lift up your day, including special messages from the CVA Board.​

Vendor Membership Packages will be available soon!


CVA understands that by providing a networking base within the special event, activities and recreational planning industry that some professionals may benefit in networking with one member of a group over another.  Therefore, we have provided the following industry specific groups for you to join within CVA to enhance your networking opportunities.  As a CVA Member, you have the option to participate in as many groups as you feel would benefit your career.

  • Special Event Professionals 
  • Country Club Professionals
  • Resort & Hospitality Professionals (Restaurants, Resorts, Hotels, etc.)
  • HOA Professionals
  • Assisted Living Professionals
  • Non-Profit/Charity Professionals
  • College Recreation Professionals
  • Sports, Parks & Public Recreation Professionals
  • Students & Interns - Mentor Program/Student Registered Organization
  • CVA in the Community -  A group for all Creative Visionaries who want to become more involved by giving back to the community through charitable work.  This group will organize gatherings to volunteer in, either at an event that is already organized by another outside organization, or at an event/activity/fundraiser planned by the CVA Group. 



There’s no other organization or association in the area that brings together all Creative Visionaries – Special Event Planners, Wedding Planners, Activities Directors, Lifestyle Directors, Programming Directors, Sports and Recreational Directors, etc. By joining CVA, you will be able to gain fresh ideas that you may not have otherwise gained by networking with other industry specific positions. 

The exchange of referrals on vendors, venues, goods and services, or even a new job, are all perks of being a member of CVA.  Networking locally provides you, as a member, the opportunity to build relationships with a vast number of industry related professionals, to ultimately enhance your career more easily.


The Referred Vendor/Venue Database is a database with over a thousand contacts, referred by our members, organized online through a search engine (for example, Caterers, Food and Beverage Venues, Musicians, DJs, Rental Companies, Steel Drummers, Florists, etc).  The one-time annual fee will gain you access to the online database which will be updated on a quarterly basis with new vendors. ​​

We encourage membership participation by providing a variety of scheduled events, meetings, and social/networking gatherings at all times of the day.  Our Calendar of Events include the following:

  • Quarterly Luncheon-  featuring a guest speaker 
  • Before- or After- Hour Socials
  • Annual Expos
  • Free Promotional Events (Sponsored by a Vendor)
  • Annual CVA Banquet
  • CVA in the Community – Volunteering Opportunities to give back to the community
  • CV Group Meetings
  • Quarterly BOD Meeting

CVA isn’t just about networking.  We thrive to help you be as successful as possible within the industry. CVA will host a variety of events, meetings, workshops and seminars to assist in your personal and professional development, featuring motivational speakers, team building workshops, industry-related seminars, and more!


Once you become a member, you gain access to the exclusive CVA Membership Website -- a social media interface in which you can make your own profile, directly message and email other members, join CV Groups, access the Calendar of Events, convenient online registration for networking events, participate in discussion forums, search the Referred Vendor/Venue database, seek employment opportunities through job postings, download/upload media, and MORE!

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